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Baby Playing with Building Blocks


Raito 1 teacher to 5 students

Ages: 18 months to 2 years

This is one of the funniest classrooms in the school. Students are becoming more independent and sillier. Their little personalities are really starting to show! In this classroom, our students are introduced to a more structured schedule. The schedule does get adjusted based on the needs of the students from day to day. For example, although lunch is scheduled for 11:30, students may become hungry sooner so we may move lunch up earlier to accommodate their needs.​ Students in this classroom should be independent eaters and down to 1 nap as well as walking. They will learn to use a spoon and fork to feed themselves. Students learn how to share with friends and take turns. They learn and build upon their language skills with circle time and free play. We also introduce some basic educational concepts as counting, color and shape recognition, and are introduced to sensory exploration. ​​Students in this classroom should be able to take one nap a day, feed themselves (with hands), and be ready to have lots of fun! 

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