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Nursery and Older Infants 

Nursery room: 1 teacher to 4 students'

Ages: 6 weeks to 1 year

Older Infants: 1 teacher to 4 students - 2 teachers to 8 students

Ages: 1 year to 18 months*

Our infant program is one that allows our students to explore the world around them. In our 2-infant classrooms, we follow the schedule the parents have set up for the child. This includes feeding and napping. Students are always changed at a minimum every 2 hours, or as soon as needed. ​Students in this classroom often learn how to: self-feed, roll over, crawl, and sometimes walk. Students are encouraged to spend their day free from restraining objects like swings and chairs. We use these items sparingly and suggest parents support this at home.​ Infants must always be placed on their back to sleep and must always sleep in a crib until the age of 1. It is very important that before having your child start in any center, you help with the transition and have your infant sleep in a crib/ bassinet at home prior and during enrollment. Bottle feeding before having your child start will also help in their transition to childcare. We practice SIDS sleep safety protocols. 

Below is a sample schedule of some of the things we do during the day. 

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