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Our Classrooms



Raito 1 teacher to 4 students, with a max of 12 infants.
Ages 6 weeks to 10/12 months

Our infant program is one that allows our students to explore the world around them. In our infant classroom, we follow the schedule the parents have set up for the child. This includes feeding and napping. Children are always changed at a minimum every 2 hours, or as soon as needed.

Students in this classroom often learn how to: self-feed, roll over, crawl, and sometimes walk. Students are encouraged to spend their day free from restraining objects like swings and chairs. We use these items sparingly and suggest parents support this at home.

Infants must always be placed on their back to sleep and must always sleep in a crib. It is very important that before having your child start, that you help with this transition and please have your infant sleep in a crib/ bassinet at home prior and during enrollment.


Raito 1 teacher to 5 students, with a max of 8 students.

Ages 10/12 months to 18/20 months

This is one of the funniest classrooms in the school. Students are becoming more independent and sillier. Their little personalities are really bopping! In this classroom, our students are introduced to a more structured schedule. The schedule does get adjusted based on the needs of the students from day to day. For example, all though lunch is scheduled for 11:30, students may become hungry sooner so we may move lunch up earlier to accommodate their needs.

Students in this classroom should be independent eaters. They will learn to use a spoon and fork to feed themselves. Students learn how to share with friends and take turns. They learn and build upon their language skills with circle time and free play. We also introduce some basic educational concepts as counting, color and shape recognition, and are introduced to sensory exploration.

Students in this classroom should be able to take one nap a day, feed themselves (with hands), and be ready to have lots of fun! We ask that students in this room by the age of 1, start to transition into a sippy cup.

Behavior modification is used in this classroom to keep kiddos as safe as possible. Students are redirected and asked to have nice hands and kind words.


Raito 1 teacher to 6 students, with a max of 12 students.

This is our 2’s classroom (22 months to 3 yrs).

Welcome to our wonderful 2-year-old classroom. This classroom meets better than state required ratios, much like our waddler classroom. Students in this classroom are on the go, go, go. Our toddler classroom follows a daily schedule and spends most of their day outside. When not outside we are so busy learning about the world around us.

Students have a routine of hands-on learning. This includes self-help, arts, circle time, music, and movement, counting and SO much more. This room is non-stop, with keeping them as busy as possible. Busy toddlers thrive in all aspects of life. We will also introduce students to potty training at 2.5 years of age in this classroom. Most students are not ready to be potty trained until the age of 3, so we will take the child’s lead on this.

Preschool and Jr.Pre-K 


1 teacher to 8 students, with a max of 14 students.

This is our younger 3’s classroom.                        


1 teacher to 12 students, with a max of 12 students. This is older 3’s and young 4’s classroom.


Let’s jump into education and social emotional development. These 2 classrooms share a big room with their own sides. We place these rooms together to allow students to develop at their own rate. If you have a more advanced 3-year-old , they can join into Jr.PK on a lesson. If you have a 4-year-old who is struggling, they can pop over to PS for some additional help.

This classroom is so much fun. We spend our day with hands on learning about ourselves, our friends, and our world. Our curriculum is all about mindfulness, and nature. We will learn about self-soothing techniques, self-help skills, kindness, respect, and educational subjects. Students will grow leaps and bounds in these two rooms. We also spend a large portion of our day outside. 

Pre-School students will not need to be potty trained to attend.



1 teacher to 12 students, with a max of 12 students. This is older 4’s and young 5’s classroom.

What a fun time to be in PK. This is where you got the school thing down... Our students have made so many friends at this point and have grown into little independent people.


These independent littles are learning to handwrite while learning to share and care with their friends more effectively. This classroom is made for kiddos to get ready to head on over to kindergarten. We are working on all our self-help skills, ABC's and 123's. 

We spend a lot of time outside exploring the world around us and being creative! 

Children MUST be potty trained to be in PK. 


School age/ Camps:                                           K-4th grade

We provide Before and After School care as well as vacation and summer camps. 


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