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Colorful Alphabets


1 teacher to 12 students and 2 to 19.


This is older 4’s and young 5’s classroom.​ What a fun time to be in PK. This is where you got the school thing down... Our students have made so many friends at this point and have grown into little independent people. These independent littles are learning to handwrite while learning to share and care with their friends more effectively. This classroom is made for kiddos to get ready to head on over to kindergarten. We are working on all our self-help skills, ABC's and 123's. Our owner and PK teachers meet with local Kindergarten teacher yearly to go over what is needed for the incoming class. So, we have you covered! We spend a lot of time outside exploring the world around us and being creative!  Children MUST be potty trained to be in PK. 

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