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About our school... 

Welcome to our website. I hope you take some time today to go through our site and to learn about the amazing things we have to offer. It is hard to put into words the love and respect we have for our students. Here at Nature’s Way of Learning, students are offered an opportunity to learn and grow through hands-on learning experiences. We explore nature by being outside, and bringing nature inside when we can. We also want children to get a foundation of education and a love for learning. Visit our curriculum section for how we combined the two to make an amazing learning experience.

Students here not only spend a great deal of time outside, but they spend time with friends and caregivers working on their self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect and how to care and respect others and the world around them.

The teachers here are encouraged to own their classrooms. What that means is, not only are they building relationships with your child, but they are building a relationship with you, the child’s caregiver. We strongly believe in open communication and feel we are an extension of your family. This not only allows us to care for your student in a more productive manner, but it builds trust and safety and that is so important when finding a childcare center.   


Our Mission Statement

We are a nature based childcare center that allows children to grow in a clean, fun, and loving environment where both social and emotional skills are as important as our ABC's and 123's!

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