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A little about us...

Nature's Way of Learning focuses on; Cognitive development, mindfulness, sensory exploration, food and nutrition, fine arts, science, math, social studies, and movement.


The curriculum is built on Metaphysical, Interconnection, External and Internal teachings. We will learn about Mandala tools in our teaching to help students achieve this natural way of learning.  

Classrooms will work on recycling and composting. Children will be exploring how to use resources around us to play with and to become creative with. We will of course still have toys in our classrooms, as they are still kiddos! However, some of these toys will be more natural based to go with the learning style. 

Children in the older classroom will learn independence by serving themselves snacks, pouring their own milk, and even cutting up fruits and vegetables using kid’s safe products. We will use some of the Montessori and Reggio teaching techniques to foster these skills in a fun and creative way.

Our Mission Statement

We are a nature based childcare center that allows children to grow in a clean, fun, and loving environment where both social and emotional skills are as important as our ABC's and 123's!

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